Friday, 28 February 2020

European Ros Club Worked 5 Continents 17m Award

Managed to contact 3B8CW in Mauritius on 17m FT8, for the Africa Region, and completing 5 continents worked on the band. Here is the European Ros Club Worked 5 Continents 17m Award

European Ros Club Worked 25 French Stations Award

With several openingings into EU on 20m and 17m recently managed to work 25 French stations on digital modes, and applied for the European Ros Club worked 25 different France stations award.

Here is the award.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

30m Digital Group CQ Zone 20 Award

Been busy lately on 30m FT8 working DX into EU and USA in our mornings. Managed to work over 20 CQ Zones, and applied for the award offered for this by the 30m Digital Group

Zones worked

WL7CG*              2014-05-12  07:48  30M   JT65     BP61XB  01
AD6KH               2014-09-24  07:37  30M   JT65     CM95QL  03
WB4CIW              2014-04-29  07:53  30M   JT65     DM79CF  04
VE9DX*              2014-05-11  10:02  30M   JT65     FN75AJ  05
PJ8RV               2018-05-23  07:58  30M   FT8      FK88    08
EA4DBS*             2014-05-11  05:14  30M   JT65     IN80CJ  14
IC8TEM              2014-09-19  21:02  30M   JT65     JN70CN  15
UR4UHE              2014-09-19  05:19  30M   JT65     KO50ES  16
SV9BMG*             2020-02-10  20:13  30M   FT8      KM25UA  20
BD7OXR*             2018-05-01  12:36  30M   FT8      OL62    24
JA1BBC              2014-05-12  10:10  30M   JT65     PM95UQ  25
3W3B                2018-12-02  10:20  30M   FT8      OK46    26
4F3BZ*              2017-09-15  10:09  30M   FT8      PK04    27
YB1TJ*              2017-09-13  12:37  30M   FT8      OI33    28
VK6DW*              2018-02-26  10:14  30M   FT8      OF88    29
VK5DG*              2014-05-12  09:51  30M   JT65     QF02JD  30
ZL3RCK              2014-05-11  07:54  30M   JT65     RE66FT  32
EA8/DD5ZZ*          2020-01-25  19:44  30M   FT8      IL38EX  33
5H4WZ               2020-02-14  20:13  30M   FT8      KI94US  37
S79VU               2020-02-14  20:36  30M   FT8      LI75RK  39


CQ Zones-20:                  20 CQ zones

When applying for the award Ultimate AAC software brings up a map in a browser, you need to verify all pins are green. Guess this is due to some stations being close to the edges of zones.

Applied for the award, here it is

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

FT8DMC Worked Indonesia Islands Award 10 islands

After working 10 IOTA Indonesia Islands qualified for the Bronze FT8DMC Worked Indonesia Islands Award. List of Islands worked

YE1AR               2017-09-06  08:43  20M   FT8      OC-021
YF9CDL              2018-05-05  01:46  20M   FT8      OC-022
YB9QP               2018-08-28  07:58  40M   FT8      OC-034
YB8VRA              2020-02-17  10:13  17M   FT8      OC-070
YG7SPN              2017-10-19  10:17  40M   FT8      OC-088
YC4CHP              2018-03-07  09:56  20M   FT8      OC-143
YE8XBN              2018-05-03  12:34  40M   FT8      OC-145
YB8OUN              2018-09-16  04:30  17M   FT8      OC-146
YB9JAU              2019-07-14  00:59  20M   FT8      OC-150
YB8TDK              2018-09-21  11:22  40M   FT8      OC-210

To get an idea of the location of these islands, plotted on a map with line to my QTH in Canberra.

The award

Saturday, 15 February 2020

FT8DMC Worked 10 Ukrainian Stations Award

After working several Ukrainian stations on FT8 on 17 m, and a few more on 30 m recently, had over 10 worked and able to claim the FT8DMC Worked 10 Ukrainian Stations Award.

Here it is.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

European ROS Club USA Awards

After working several US stations on 30 m FT8 recently picked up a couple of Europen ROS Club Awards. One for working 500 USA stations

Another for working 25 US states, on 30 m. Managed to get Rhode Island and Delaware recently which are rare ones for me.

FT8DMC Worked 10 Canadian Stations Award

Following a contact with VA3OB on 30 m FT8, had 10 contacts with Canadian stations on FT8 and applied for the FT8DMC award. Here it is

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

30 Meter Digital Group Worked 50 Members Award

Been busy working DX in the mornings here on 30 m FT8, and managed to contact enough stations to qualify for the 30 Meter Digital Group Worked 50 Members (Bronze) Award.

Here it is.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

FT8DMC Worked 25 German Stations Award

After the initial 10 German stations award, got to the next level, 25 German stations on FT8.. Mainly on 17 m. Nice award

FT8DMC Worked 10 Chinese Prefixes 17 m Award

Another award from working China on 17m, 10 prefixes. Admittedly not that hard, seem to be plenty of Chinese stations on 17m here in the day and evenings with lots of different prefixes. Chasing new Provinces is proving more challenging.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

FT8DMC Worked All Australia 10m Award

Following a contact with VK8NSB, Stu in Darwin, completed working all Australian call areas VK1 to VK8 on 10m FT8.

Contacts made

VK1OO               2018-04-21  01:10  10M   FT8      VK1   
VK2LX               2018-12-16  00:48  10M   FT8      VK2   
VK3JL               2018-12-08  00:43  10M   FT8      VK3   
VK4HDQ              2017-12-08  22:13  10M   FT8      VK4   
VK5ST               2018-12-01  22:57  10M   FT8      VK5   
VK6AS               2018-12-16  00:34  10M   FT8      VK6   
VK7XX               2018-12-16  00:03  10M   FT8      VK7   
VK8NSB              2020-02-02  03:00  10M   FT8      VK8   

Applied for the FT8DMC award. Here it is

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

FT8DMC Worked 10 Finnish Stations Award

Conditions on 17 m FT8 recently have been good into Europe here in VK in the evenings, working many EU stations. After working several Finland (OH) stations had made 10 contacts into Finland, and applied for the FT8DMC Worked Finnish Stations Award.