Monday, 28 March 2022

10 Mexican stations award

 From the European Ros Club, an award for working 10 stations from Mexico.

Delaware DE Counties confirmed

QRZ Logbook lets you track what US Counties you have worked and confirmed, confirmation via LOTW. This morning had a good opening to USA on 10m FT8, and managed to work and confirm KA3ZLS in Kent County, Delaware, completing all counties in Delaware state

There are only 3 counties, Kent, New Castle and Sussex, so not too hard. The main problem is that Delaware does not seem to have that many active hams... plus a long way from Australia.

Other large US states have dozens of counties, so will take years to finish them, if at all... 

The state Delaware turns green on the US map to show completed. The only other US state I have completed confirming all counties is Hawaii.


Sunday, 20 March 2022

Tinderry Nature Reserve VKFF-2003

Tinderry Nature Reserve is a large park located East of the small village of Michelago, South of Canberra. If you drive the Monaro Hwy between Canberra and Cooma it is very obvious, the Tinderry ranges are high and contain 3 SOTA summits, the highest Tinderry Peak at 1600m. Quite often the range is capped by snow in the winter. Turned off the Monaro Hwy to Michelago, then followed Burra Rd, until reaching Mount Allen Fire Trail. A sign here advising a locked gate 300m ahead, the park boundary. Drove up part of this as quite steep and rocky, parking just past the first hump. The road ahead looked beyond the capabilities of my Xtrail, a proper 4WD needed. After a short walk reached the locked gate and park entry.

Set up the squid pole on the sign and sat the radio and myself on a nearby log. Dipole legs across the road and into the bush.

Operating spot, map from Google Maps

Radio on a nearby log, which served as a seat

Got on 40m. Found 7.144 in use by a park activator so set up on 7.140. Able to spot myself easily as good mobile coverage.

First contact a park to park with VK3BEL Ross in VKFF-0741 Lower Goulburn National Park

The band was quite good with strong signals from both near and far stations. Worked VK2IO, VK3MET, VK3PF, VK2PKT, VK2PEZ, VK4NH, VK4DXA, VK2LX, VK2ACK, VK3GJG, VK4SMA, VK3ZPF.

Another park to park with VK4KC Marty in  VKFF-1643 Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park, along with VK4EMP Mark.


Another park to park with VK4MUD John in VKFF-1195 Expedition National Park

Went on to work VK4HMI, VK4SYD and VK3ZK. 

During the activation was attacked by mosquitoes, really quite bad here. Rather surprised as high up on a rocky hill with no creek, guess just from all the rain recently.

Also while operating 4 motorbikes went past. They looked a bit nervous seeing me, the park sign shows no motorbikes allowed, authorised vehicles only...

Had enough of the mosquitos, packed up and headed home to Canberra.

Thursday, 17 March 2022

1000 Grid squares worked on digital modes

 Latest award for me from the European Ros Club, for working 1000 grid squares on digital modes.

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

10 Swiss stations award

 After contacting a Swiss station on 30m, had 10 contacts into Switzerland and able to apply for an award offered by the FT8 Digital Mode Club

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

800 FT8DMC members worked award

Another award from the FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC), WAMA 800, or worked 800 members of the club.

50 US States confirmed on 10m in QRZ Logbook

I completed 50 US States (WAS) across all bands some time ago, however have not completed 50 states on a single band. On 10m had 49 confirmed through LOTW, only needing Pennsylvania (PA).

Today worked 4 PA stations on FT8... always the way,,,,

One of these confirmed, so now have the single band endorsement for 10m

The PA contact that confirmed through LOTW

Next bands to complete are 40m (49) and 17m (48)

Monday, 7 March 2022

600 European stations award

Another award for working 600 European stations. This is from the FT8DMC awards scheme, which is for FT8 contacts only. This is why I'm up to 750 contacts under the ERC awards scheme, it includes all digital modes, so my earlier JT65 contacts into EU count as well.

Thursday, 3 March 2022

750 European Stations Award

Another award from the European Ros Club, for working 750 European stations. For me mostly made on the 30m band.

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

100 Italian stations and 5 Portable stations award

 A couple more awards from the European Ros Club, 100 Italian stations

And 5 portable stations