Monday, 8 May 2017

WWFF VKFF Honour Roll 425 areas award

Noticed on WWFF Logsearch that I've reached 425 VKFF references hunted, so able to apply for the award.

For interest did a breakdown of the number of parks hunted per call area. Using ParksnPeaks to get the total number of parks in each call area, able to work out the % of parks hunted so far.

 State Number Worked Total Parks % hunted
VK1 19                         45                 42
VK2 89                     394                 23
VK3 110                         119            92
VK4 56                     541           10
VK5 124                   375           33
VK6 12                     145           8
VK7 14                     46             30
VK8 0                        54             0
VK9 1                          7               14

Total 425                    1726         25

VK1 I've got 42%, There are not many park activators here, so this figure is quite good,,,
VK2 23%, still heaps of parks to chase. Its a big state.
VK3 92%, in fact only missing 9 parks to get them all! Lots of activators in a small state helps.
VK4 10%. A vast state with few activators. Many more left...distance also makes it hard to hear them
VK5 33% A fairly active lot of park activators. Some parks are remote and won't be heard often
VK6 8% A vast state with a low amateur population. Also a long way away so some park activations are not workable, especially on 40m in the daytime.
VK7 30% A small state with not many parks, but also not many activators.
VK8 0% Yet to hear a VK8 park... A big area with a low population, and a long way away from me.
VK9 14% Not many parks but they are all rare DX islands.

I've reached 25% of the total number of parks. Here is the award received from the VKFF Awards Manager Paul VK5PAS