Monday, 28 February 2022

WWFF 1044 Parks Hunter Award

Noticed in WWFF Logsearch able to apply for the 1044 parks hunter award. 

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

West Jerrabomberra Nature Reserve VKFF-0993

I have only activated West Jerrabomberra Nature Reserve VKFF-0993 once in 2016, with 15 contacts, so needed to revisit to get 44 for a WWFF point. My last activation was off the Monaro Hwy, noisy with traffic and hot with lots of flies, so decided to try another spot. There is a narrow access land bridge between Callum Brea Nature Reserve and West Jerrabomberra, so decided to give this a try. Drove to Callum Brea nature reserve and parked at the usual access point off Narrabundah Lane. Sign for the park

Just inside the park a photo map of the park. Note the thin extension of the park in the SE, headed for this.

In the SE corner of the park a sign explaining the history of the park.

A gate here to enter the Callum Brea farm. This is private property. Headed to the right of the gate along the fence, there was a rough track to follow.

After a short walk reached a gate for the entrance to the connecting land access path between the parks.

Walking along the access path. There is a road under the long grass... not used much, probably only by park rangers. On either side fences marked Private Property, so between farms.

At the end of the access path a gate into West Jerrabomberra Nature Reserve. Note the name on the gate is Jerrabomberra Grasslands Nature Reserve, so the park has had a rename in the past.

A post inside the park, giving the park name as Jerrabomberra West Grasslands Nature Reserve

Just for more confusion the park is labelled as West Jerrabomberra Nature Reserve on Google Maps. Set up close to this sign on a nearby log, operating spot on the map. About a 2 km walk from the car.

Shack set up using a log for squid pole support

Shack on the tarp. Was at least a bit less grassy here.

Got on 40m. Good strong signals, although also some strong lightning static from somewhere distant. Worked


Noticed the LifePO4 battery voltage was getting a bit low, dropping to 11.7v on transmit, so decided to pack up and head back to the car. Had 19 contacts in the log, so still need to return to complete the 44.


Wednesday, 9 February 2022

900 Asia Stations Award

Another award for me, 900 Asia Stations worked from the FT8 Digital Mode Club. Mainly from Japanese contacts I would say.

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

SOTA Mount Majura VK1/AC-034 for 9th Anniversary of SOTA in VK1

1st February 2013 is the date when SOTA went live in VK1, so to mark the 9th anniversary activated the same summit I did in 2013, Mount Majura VK1/AC-034.

Parked at the trail head off Antill St Hackett and started the walk. The sign for the summit and park has been updated. Note the fog in the background, this burnt off as I climbed.

A map of the Mount Majura Nature Reserve

A pond on the way, full and with frogs calling. Have had a lot of rain lately...

Another new sign just before the summit.

As a week day and school holidays had ended, it was nice and quiet on the summit, just a few odd walkers. So set up on the round metal thing near the trig.

Tested 2m ribbon antenna, good SWR at 144.95 Mhz, close to 146.5 Mhz

SWR for 40m dipole. Seemed a bit high in the band, found out why later, one leg was accidently left lying on the ground lol... still worked fine though...

Shack on the concrete base. Bit of shade for the tablet for logging

Got on 2m first at 2330z. Worked Matt VK1MA, very strong. VK2XDT at Yass, VK1LAJ and VK1MF both in nearby suburbs and very strong.

Just before UTC rollover went to 40m. Worked S2S with Peter VK3PF/P on VK3/VT-066 Mt Worth. Found out later he was also doing a remembrance activation, 10 years for VK3 SOTA for 1st Feb 2012. Worked him before and after UTC rollover.

Got called by VK2IO, then VK2FJL/p Phil on VK2/MN-067 Winns Mountain for another S2S.

Went on to work VKIDA, VK1MF, VK1MA, VK2EXA, VK5IS, VK3AFW, VK3AWA.

Tried going to 20m. Worked VK5CZ Ian, who told me he could not hear me on 40m, and was a good signal here. VK2VW, VK2HFI Brett and VK1MF Mat

Getting warm in the sun, so packed up around noon. On the way down met some wildlife on the trail. A scary looking lizard, or at least it hoped it was...

An echinda. These are usually shy and roll into a ball when approached, got it before it did so.

Got down in 35 minutes, it had taken 50 minutes to ascend. Had lunch in nearby Dickson.