Wednesday, 19 September 2018

FT8DMC Worked All New Zealand 80 m Award

Noticed in the Ultimate AAC Award I only needed a few more ZL1s and a ZL2 to finish qualifying for the WANZ award on 80 m, so got on the band for a few days and found the required contacts.

For me New Zealand is fairly easy on 80 m, not that far away from VK1, most are very strong...
Contacts made. Note for the award you need 4 x ZL1, 3 x ZL2, 2 x ZL3 and 1 x ZL4

ZL1AIX    2018-09-18  08:19  80M   FT8      ZL1   
ZL1BBW  2018-09-17  09:48  80M   FT8      ZL1   
ZL1BRL   2018-09-13  08:41  80M   FT8      ZL1   
ZL1RPL    2018-09-17  09:43  80M   FT8      ZL1   

ZL2AUB   2017-08-31  08:19  80M   FT8      ZL2   
ZL2IAS     2018-09-18  08:42  80M   FT8      ZL2   
ZL2IFB     2018-09-17  07:46  80M   FT8      ZL2   

ZL3IO       2018-08-28  08:17  80M   FT8      ZL3   
ZL3TE      2017-09-03  11:27  80M   FT8      ZL3   

ZL4AD     2017-09-01  08:15  80M   FT8      ZL4   

Applied for the award online, approved by ZL1MVL Ian and downloaded from the EPC website.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

FT8DMC Worked Prefix Award

After updating Ultimate AAC software to v2.3.2 noticed there are several new awards in the FT8DMC group, including Worked Prefix (WPX) award. This requires working 100, 500, and 1000 different callsign prefixes. As I had qualified for over 100 prefixes applied for the award. Approved by the manager 9A2AA Fawaz for download from the EPC Awards wepage.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

FT8DMC Worked Philippines Award

The FT8DMC Worked Philippines Award (WPA) requires 5 different Philipinnes stations contacts on FT8 mode to qualify. Despite being a fairly easy radio path to the North from Australia it took me some time to get the 5th, finally did it today working 4F3OM on 17 m FT8.

4F3BZ               2017-09-15  10:09  30M   FT8   
DU1AVC              2018-05-19  21:47  30M   FT8   
DU1/JH1FNS          2018-05-10  00:13  20M   FT8   
DX3H                2018-05-11  23:56  20M   FT8   
4F3OM               2018-09-09  00:41  17M   FT8   

WPA-WPA:            5/5 philippine stations

Applied for the award using the UAAC software, received confirmation available for download from the Awards Manager Hannes OE1SGU. Nice award.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

WWFF Park to Park 308 Award

Following a lot of park to park contacts recently I was eligible for the next award, for 308 park to park QSOs. Thanks to other park activators for helping me achieve this.