Sunday, 24 November 2019

Farrer Ridge Nature Reserve VKFF-0840

With a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, with the temperatures in the low 20s decided to get out and do a park activation. Went back to Farrer Ridge Nature Reserve VKFF-0840 which I had activated last year but had to abandon early due to rain... Still needed 11 contacts for 44.

For something different to last time did not come off Athlon Drive, instead headed up to Farrer Trig, the highest point in the park. Parked off Hawkesbury Cres Fadden and walked through a lane into the park. Reached the Farrer Hill trail up to the trig. Sign for the trail.

The track up to the trig. not too steep.

Only a short 200 m walk to the trig. The trig is nothing special, just some yellow survey marker posts.

To the South of the trig a seat, with a good view to the South. Mt Tennent, a SOTA summit on the left. Lake Tuggeranong on the right.

Looking East a good view of nearby Isaacs Ridge, another SOTA summit. Towers on the left.

I used one of the trig posts as squid pole support.

I had no tree to tie one end of the dipole to, so just supported it on top of a rock. The dipole leg was the 80 m extension so not worried about the low height.

For the other dipole end I eventually reached a small tree down the hill to tie to.

Operating Spot. Map from Protected Planet

Shack near the trig post, used a log as a seat.

Got on 40 m. The band seemed in good shape with close by contacts. Worked the following park hunters

VK3IL/m near Wangaratta

Saw a spot for VK4SMA/p Mark in VKFF-2879 Wacol Bushlands Nature Refuge.
Changed the links to 20 m and worked him for a P2P, about a 52, weak but workable.

Set up on 14.310 Mhz and spotted myself. Worked


Saw Mark, VK4SMA/p had moved to 40m, so returned there to work him again for a P2P to VKFF-2879 Wacol Bushlands Nature Refuge.

Had enough contacts to qualify, packed up and headed home.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

FT8DMC Worked 5 Hong Kong Stations Award

With 17 m being open in the evenings to Asia recently, managed to work 2 Hong Kong stations and complete 5 contacts for the FT8DMC Worked 5 Hong Kong Stations Award. Here it is

FT8DMC Worked 10 German Stations Award

After a few openings to Europe on 17 m managed to contact 10 German Amateur station on FT8, and applied for the FT8DMC award. Here it is.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

FT8FMC Worked 300 Oceanian Stations Award

Noticed on Ultimate AAC that I was only a few off 300 contacts with Oceanian Stations, so after a few contacts was able to apply for the award. Nice looking award.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

FT8DMC Worked 100 Prefixes 20 m Award

After some recent contacts on 20 m FT8 found had over 100 different prefixes worked, so appliied for the FT8DMC Award. Here it is.

Friday, 8 November 2019

European ROS Club 50 Indonesian Stations Award

Noticed in Ultimate AAC software I've managed to work 50 Indonesian stations in digital modes. Fairly easy to do from Australia, mostly on 17 m which has been good lately. The award.