Saturday, 31 July 2021

400 United States Stations Award

Been hunting USA stations a lot lately... Managed to qualify for this FT8DMC award for 400 United States Stations. Nice award.

25 EA Grid Squares Award

 Qualified for another European Ros Club Award, for working 25 EA (Spanish) grid squares.

My log program, Log4OM allows QSO mapping to see grids worked. After filtering on Spain and its islands here is what EA Grids I have worked.

So some grid squares still left, 25 out of a possible 57.  The award has the following levels

Levels: ERC-GRID-EA 5-10-15-25-30-35-40-45-50

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

600 FT8DMC Members Award

 Latest award, for working 600 FT8DMC members. Thanks for QSOs and award manager

Thursday, 22 July 2021

10 Czech Republic stations award

 Another award, for working 10 Czech Republic stations on FT8 from the European Ros Club.

Monday, 12 July 2021

Nadgigomar Nature Reserve VKFF-2679

After activating Turallo Nature Reserve and stopping for lunch in Bungendore headed out to do my next park, Nadgigomar Nature Reserve VKFF-2679. This was a new park for me, plus never been activated before for WWFF. The park is in 3 parts, I headed for the nearest, North West piece. North via the Tarago Rd to Tarago, then East along Lumley Rd, Cullulla Rd, until reaching the junction with Sandy Point Rd. Headed South along Sandy Point Rd. Note this is unsealed but appeared to have been well graded. Stopped at the junction of Sunset Mountain Trail, and a locked gate into the park.

Map of the park, showing all 3 sections.

Operating spot, in the NW section

Climbed over the gate, after passing the gear over. Used the Sunset Mountain Trail sign for squid pole support. View looking South towards the station.

Forgot to take a close up photo of the station... anyway got on 40m. Found VK2BYF and VK2HBG on 7.144 in VKFF-0102 Clyde River National Park. Very strong S9+ signals, quite amazing as the park they were in was only 65 Km away.

After working them Peter VK3PF called and asked me to move down to 7.135, I worked him there, also VK3KAI and got him to spot me. Then worked 

VK5PAS/p Paul activating silo VK-GRM5 Geranium

VK3UAO/p Stuart in VKFF-2206 Teesdale Sheoak Nature Conservation Reserve

VK2IO/p Gerard in VKFF-2865 Cornubia Forest Nature Refuge


As getting late in the afternoon packed up, being a Monday would be returning back to Canberra around 5 pm in peak hour... It was thick traffic near home but got home okay.

Turallo Nature Reserve VKFF-2750

With sunny weather Monday and rain forecast for the rest of the week decided to get out and activate a couple of WWFF parks. Needed to return to Turallo Nature Reserve for 44, so headed out to Bungendore. The reserve is just South of the town on the Hoskinstown Rd. Entrance to the park through a gap in the fence near a gate.

Sign about the reserve, protecting endangered plants.

Used the sign to support the squid pole, and set up the station on the table near it. Ran out the linked dipole to the nearby fence

Operating spot. Map from NSW National Parks website  Turallo Nature Reserve | NSW National Parks

Shack on the table. Being mid winter only around 10c, but felt warm in the sun. Given the lack of shade certainly better than a summer activation, and no flies.

Got on 40m. On 7.144 heard VK2BYF Bob and VK2HBG Gerald portable at Batemans Bay, activating VKFF-1406 Batemans Marine Park. They were a S9+ signal, excellent given the lack of NVIS skip recently. Batemans Bay is only around 80 Km away from Bungendore.

Worked them and set up on 7.150. Worked VK3PF, VK5MAZ, ZL1BQD, VK2DJP.

A contact with VK5PAS Paul activating a silo for Silos On the Air, VK- PKE5 Peake silo.


Another Park to Park with VK2IO Gerard in VKFF-1653 Springwood Conservation Park


Tried going to 20m. Worked Marty VK4KC, VK4MAD, VK4DOG again, but no other hunters.

Packed up and headed to Bungendore for lunch.

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Hunter Honour Roll 975 Award

The latest VKFF park award for me, Hunter Honour Roll 975, for working 975 VKFF park actovations. Thanks park activators and the WWFF management team.