Monday, 22 May 2023

Melrose Nature Reserve VKFF-3183

With a nice sunny day decided to take advantage of it and do a park activation. Returned to Melrose Nature Reserve, VKFF-3183, as was 5 contacts short of the 44 needed for WWFF.

Instead of activating near the ACT Paintball Park like last time, drove on South past the Johnson Drive roundabout on the Monaro Hwy, until reaching a sign for the park on the left. Parked near the sign. Able to park well off the road.

An older version of the park sign was nearby, and a locked gate into the reserve. I found it easier to just hop over the fence near the sign. Passed my gear over the fence.

Wandered down hill into the reserve, to get away from the traffic noise on the Monaro Hwy. Nothing suitable for squid pole support, so just strapped it to my table. Dipole legs out to nearby tree branches.

Looking back the other way.

Checked the SWR, okay, if a little high resonant spot. Still low across the 40m band.

Radio and battery pack on the table. Able to run a bit of power, 40w from the FT-857.

Got on 40m. 7.144 was busy so moved up to 7.154 and spotted, got a stream of callers.


Park to park contacts with VK2VAR Colin and VK2BYF Bob in VKFF-0043 Booderee National Park.


Another Park to park with VK3ZK Nik in VKFF-0978 Tocumwal Regional Park


Tried 20m, worked NE3KO, using an SDR in Portland Oregon. Running 500w I could hear him well but a struggle with him hearing my 40w.


A couple of EU contacts, DL2ND Uwe and OH1XT Jari. Both regular hunters for me. 

Returned to 40m to get another park contact with VK1AO Alan in VKFF-1410 Port Stephens - Great Lakes Marine Park.

Packed up to avoid peak hour traffic around 3pm, headed home.

1225 VKFF Hunter Honour Roll Award

Latest award for me for hunting 1225 VKFF parks. Certainly helped by a lot of new VK3 parks activated recently.

Sunday, 7 May 2023

2 Brunei Contacts Award

Another award from the Europen Ros Club, for working 2 stations in Brunei.

Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Mulanggari Grassland Nature Reserve VKFF-0856

The weather on Anzac Day was fine and sunny, too good to be at home, so headed out to activate Mulanggari Grassland Nature Reserve, VKFF-0856.

The park is near the Canberra suburb of Franklin. It can be accessed from off Gungahlin Dr, however this is a noisy, busy road, so headed for the Eastern side of the park. Parked in Alec Hope Cres and entered the park via a gate. Sign for the park.

There was a fence and gate up the hill. Used the gate to support the squid pole and ran the dipole along the fence.

Checked the antenna on 40m, resonant high up in the band but good SWR across it.

Shack on the tarp. As only a short walk to the car power from my 40Ah Lithium battery pack. I could run higher power, around 40w.

Started by working some parks already on the band.

VK4EMP Mark in VKFF-0719 Lockyer National Park
VK3AWA Daryl in VKFF-0747 Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park

Spotted and called, got several park hunters.


VK3PF Peter in POTA park VK-6906 Trafalgar Bushland Natural Features Reserve


Packed up and headed home for afternoon tea.

Monday, 24 April 2023

Sunday, 23 April 2023

Bemm River S.R Natural Features Reserve VKFF-3593

After stopping overnight at Lakes Entrance I continued on my way home to Canberra. I noticed there was a WWFF park on the Princes Hwy, before Cann River, Bemm River S.R Natural Features Reserve VKFF-3593, so stopped to activate it.

Just before the Bemm River bridge turned off onto a dirt road on the left, Club Terrace Loop Road.

Continued on this road for a while, looking for somewhere to activate from, but nothing suitable. Turned off into Camp Track on the left. Followed Camp Track for a while, until reaching the turnoff to Boulder Creek Track. According to the map Camp track leaves the park ahead so stopped here.

Boulder Creek Track was very overgrown, did not look like it gets much use. Decided it would be a good spot to set up the dipole. Used a small sapling for support.

Checked the antenna, not a bad match considering the nearby foliage. High in the 40m band but fairly flat SWR across it.

Shack on the tarp.

Got on 40m. Pleased to see had some mobile coverage here, it is often poor in East Gippsland. Started with a P2P with the special call VI10VKFF in VKFF-2000 Tarawi Nature Reserve

After spotting worked several hunters.


Another park to park with VK3PF Peter in VKFF-3582 Avon River SS.R. Natural Features Reserve. Like my own park a recently added one, first activation.


Another P2P with VK5BJE John in VKFF-0784 Mount George Conservation Park

As getting near lunch packed up. On the way out I stopped just before the Bemm River bridge. There was a clear area near the bridge could have operated from. May have been a bit noisy, and not sure if mobile coverage here, somewhere to check next time.

Headed to nearby Cann River for lunch. After lunch headed home to Canberra.