Tuesday, 22 October 2019

FT8 Worked Korea Stations Award 5 contacts

Following a contact with a South Korea station on 17 m FT8, had 5 South Korea contacts and able to apply for the FT8DMC Worked Korea Stations Class III award.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

VKFF Activator Honour Roll 175 Award

Following my recent trip to VK3 have now activated 175 VKFF parks, so able to claim the VKFF Activator Honour Roll 175 award. Thanks to park hunters for the contacts.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Lake Tyers State Park VKFF-0761

After lunch in Lakes Entrance headed East on the Princes Hwy, then NE heading to Nowa Nowa. Turned off into Lake Tyers State Park on Burnt Bridge Rd on the right. A short drive to a picnic area and sign for the park.

Took Cherry Tree track on the left to Cherry Tree picnic area. A nice spot on an arm of Lake Tyers. Looking North

Looking South.

The picnic area was in use, plus being down in a valley no mobile reception, so headed back along Cherry Tree Track to a place I spotted on the way in, a loop track off the track for the start of a walk, Marsdenia Rainforest Walk. Used the walk sign for squid pole support

Plenty of room for the 80 m dipole

Operating Spot. Map from Open Street Maps

Shack on the table.

Got on 40m. Conditions had improved a lot since the morning park and started getting small pileups of hunters. Worked

ZL2ODD/p near New Plymouth, using just 20w
VK5PAS/m Paul on the way to a park

A park to park with VK4HNS/2 Neil in VKFF-2537 Boomi West Nature Reserve


Another P2P with VK4SYD/p Rob in VKFF-0391 Noosa National Park


VK5PAS/p Paul who had set up in VKFF-1701 Cox Scrub Conservation Reserve

I let Paul have the frequency and headed to 80m

Only 1 contact there, VK3SQ Geoff.

Packed up and headed back to Lakes Entrance for the evening. Had dinner at the Bowling Club, quite nice.

Colquhoun Regional Park VKFF-0962

After stopping overnight in Lakes Entrance headed for my first park, Colquhoun Regional Park VKFF-0962. Followed the Princes Hwy out of town to the West, driving through Kalimna West, then turning off on Uncle Rd on the right into the park. This is unsealed but okay for 2WD. Drove to log crossing picnic area. This was nice, however many campers there and down in a gully so not good for radio and phone reception. Continued on Uncle Rd until spotting a suitable stump in the scrub on the side of the road for squid pole support. Set up the station

Operating spot. Map from Google Maps.

Shack on the table

Got on 40m. Able to spot myself okay on the mobile. Conditions as per yesterday not too good...Worked the following calls


Went to 80m. Only 1 contact, VK3PF Peter.

Returned to 40m. A few more calls to make up 10 for VKFF


Packed up and headed back to Lakes Entrance for lunch.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Mount Raymond Regional Park VKFF-0975

After activating Lind National Park headed West on the Princes Hwy, through the small localities of Bellbird Creek and Cabbage Tree Creek, until turning off onto Tower RD to my next park, Mount Raymond Regional Park, VKFF-0975.

Followed Tower Rd and turned off to the lookout. A sign for the park next to the communications towers for the park.

 Close up of the sign, with some information on the park. Mount Raymond is 300 m high.

View from the lookout, looking SW towards Marlo

The nearby communications towers. Did not seem to worry me on the amateur bands.

A trig, hiding away on the other side of the towers to the lookout.

Just down from the trig was a rough service track heading down, set up the station there, using a tree stump for support.

Looking back the other way to the towers.

Operating spot. Map from Google Maps

Shack on the table.

Got on 40m. Asked if 7.144 Mhz was in use, VK5BJE John answered me to say it was clear so worked him... Worked VK5FSAM, then a park to park with VK6MB/5 Mike in VKFF-0788 Scott Creek Conservation Park, as per my last park.

Went on to contact


Tried 80m, worked


With 13 contacts had qualified with 10 for VKFF, so packed up. Headed West on the Princes Hwy to Orbost, Nowa Nowa, then Lakes Entrance where I had booked accommodation for 2 nights in a holiday unit.

Lind National Park VKFF-0287

After activating Bondi Gulf NP drove down the Monaro Hwy to Cann River, then headed West on the Princes Hwy to my next park, Lind National Park VKFF-0287. This is close to the the highway. Sign for the park near Lind Park Rd.

Followed Lind Park Rd to the start of Euchre Valley Nature Drive

Euchre Valley Nature Drive was closed off...

As no traffic to worry about, set up the station on the road.

Operating spot. Map from Google Maps

Shack on the table. The blue bottle is insect repellent, the mosquitoes were bad here :(

Started on 80m, only one contact, VK3PF Peter a fairly strong 58 even in the middle of the day.

Went to 40m. Band conditions were even worse here than the morning park, could hardly hear anyone... Made some more contacts, slowly...

VK6MB/5 park to park in VKFF-0788 Scott Creek Conservation Park


After 6 contacts gave it away as obvious the bands in very poor shape, and still some distance to drive. Packed up and continued West on the Princes Hwy. Note this park is one of the 45 Victorian National  parks for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (KRMNPA), which only needs a contact from the park to qualify it.

Bondi Gulf Nature Reserve VKFF-2535

With a Labour Day holiday long weekend decided to head down to Victoria and do a few new parks. Friday afternoon drove down to Cooma. Saturday morning headed South of Cooma on the Monaro Hwy through Nimmitabel, then Bombala, and then turned off onto Gulf Rd on the right to Bondi Gulf Nature Reserve.

Eastern Boundary track on the left looked a bit rough so headed further along Gulf Rd on the right, until coming to Northern Boundary track junction.

Set up in the scrub behind the sign. The road is outside the park so needed to be in the scrub.

Operating spot in the park, map from Protected Planet

Shack on the table.

Got on 40m. Could not hear many on, conditions seemed very poor. Could hear the Riverland radio net on, most of the stations low signals or not audible. As had mobile coverage spotted myself on the park call frequency 7.144 Mhz and started calling. Worked the following on 40m


As not getting any more callers QSYed to 80m, managed a couple more contacts


Both quite strong. No more callers on 80m so went back to 40m to try and get to 10 contacts.


Made it to 10 contacts to count for VKFF. As conditions not good and still some distance to travel, packed up and headed South on the Monaro Hwy into Victoria and to Cann River.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

National Wattle Day 2019 Award

For my activation of Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve VKFF-0855 on 1st September, received an award for activating on National Wattle Day. Here is the award from the awards manager Paul VK5PAS