Thursday, 6 January 2022

QSO Statistics for 2021

At the start of each year I like to go through my logs and pull out various statistics for QSOs for previous years. Gives me an idea of how I am going for various awards, and can see if the bands are improving. Plus I like to dabble in stats :)

A plot of counties worked per band.

Seem to be stuck at around 118 countries for the last 4 months. Now getting harder to work 'new ones'.

Best bands are 30m, closely followed by 17m. Recent openings on 10m have seen some new ones.

A plot of US States worked per band

I have finished WAS, of all 50 US States on 40m now. 17m only need a couple more. A large number of US States recently worked on 10m, a sign that the new Solar Cycle 25 starting to take off'.

QSOs per Continent

Only just started collecting statistics for this for 2021. A big spike in OC mid year, and spikes for NA and AS later in the year. AF and SA continue to be rare for me here in Australia.

QSOs per band

Only collected for 2021. A spike in 40m mid year. 17m a bit later. Good to see a lift in QSOs on 10m, which had been quiet for so long.

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