Saturday, 2 May 2020


After recently working a new country, J68HZ in St. Lucia recently, checked LOTW and found I had at last reached 100 countries!

Notice how I am 98 countries on Digital, so a couple of countries are on phone only. 17m is my best band with 58, then 20m 49, 40m 48 and 10m 46. 30m is not too bad a band either with 43.

Checking Log4OM log book confirms the same

Note I have worked 129 countries before getting to 100 in LOTW... Some other interesting stats, 1 confirmed country/contact on 40m AM, and 18 countries on 10m FM. This was from some time ago when we had sunspots and 10m was wide open!...

My 1st LOTW contact/country listed is 1/10/1998 with OJ9JD Faroe Island on 10m SSB.
My 100th LOTW country was on 29/04/2020 with J68HZ St. Lucia on 40m FT8

So it took me almost 32 years!... I'm not a big DX chaser, tend to stay away from large pileups and just work what I hear on at the time, not go looking for DXpeditions etc. All done on simple wire dipoles, apart from my 10m 5 element yagi. Digital modes such as FT8 have helped in recent times.

Next goal will be to finish off the 2 remaining countries needed for digital DXCC.

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