Thursday, 20 December 2018

FT8 30 Meter Digital Group VK Certificate

The 30 Meter Digital Group offer an award for contacting the VK call areas VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 VK6 and VK7 on 30 Meters any digital modes. Don't know why missing VK8 however I found it hard going getting just these alone, even being in VK myself... The worst was VK2, here in VK1 the bulk of VK2 operators are in the Sydney area, around 300 Km away and too close to work on 30 m, so needed to get someone far enough away like Northern NSW.

Managed to work VK2/G3NJV in Mullumbimby Northern VK2, to complete the required contacts.

VK1MA               2018-09-18  08:01  30M   FT8      1
VK2/G3NJV           2018-12-18  09:52  30M   FT8      2
VK3FM               2017-09-15  07:36  30M   FT8      3
VK4FNQ              2017-09-15  22:57  30M   FT8      4
VK5DG*              2014-05-12  09:51  30M   JT65     5
VK6DW*              2018-02-26  10:14  30M   FT8      6
VK7TR               2014-05-12  07:39  30M   JT65     7

Applied for the award using Ultimate AAC software

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