Sunday, 13 December 2015

SOTA failed activation Monga VK2/ST-024

After doing all the relatively easy summits in Monga National Park, decided to try activating the one remaining summit, VK2/ST-024 Monga. Monga is not the official name of this peak, it is not named on any maps. I named it Monga after the National Park it is in while surveying the Southern Tablelands summits for SOTA.

Drove down the Kings Highway, past Braidwood, turning off onto River Forest Road on the right. After a few Km entered Monga National Park

The road passes through the small locality of Monga, turned off onto River Forest Road, heading for Mongarlowe River Picnic Area

Turned off to Mongarlowe River Picnic Area on the left.

A sign here about the park, with details on a walk here down to the Mongarlowe River, Waratah walk

After a short walk reached the Mongarlowe River. Only option to cross it was using stepping stones and getting wet a warm day didn't mind...

Looking upstream

Looking downstream. A nice looking river.

After crossing the river found an old logging trail. Followed this for a while.

The trail started to run more South, away from the summit, so headed into the scrub. Initially not too thick, easy going.

Walked through the scrub, coming to a spur going up to the summit. This is where it got steep, and very scrubby...

After over an hour had only covered about a km, half the distance to the summit. I eventually came to a wall of thick scrub. Could not see an easy way through, and looked like it continued way up the slope. Decided this summit is just not worth it and gave it away at 700 m from the top.

Headed back down and had lunch at the picnic area, before heading off to do VK2/ST-023 Oakey Creek Fire trail at the other end of the park, a much easier summit...Track log of walk

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