Saturday, 11 October 2014

SOTA Tallai Range

After activating Sprinbrook Mountain VK4/SE-011 and lunch drove down to the Gold Coast to activate Tallai Range, VK4/SE-094. This summit is located on a suburban road called "The Panorama" in the Gold Coast suburb of Tallai.

For a suburban road it was steep, very steep! Almost tempted to use 4WD... After crawling up the hill in low gear reached the top of the ridge. A great view to the East of the Gold Coast high rise skyline.

This was from the Northern peak of the range. I originally thought this was the summit, stopped, then checked out the GPS, still 1.6 Km to go to the actual SOTA summit to the South. Looking back at the false summit.

Drove on the the proper summit. It is located just off the road on a small rise, with a gate to keep cars away from the comms towers.

Found several wooden stakes in the ground near the comms towers, possibly surveying a new tower? Used one of them for squid pole support.

View through the trees, not as good as the last hill though.

Lots of room for the 40 m dipole, a tree for one leg and a comms tower base for the other.

Set up the shack in the shade of a tree

Got on 20 m. Good signals from VK1, VK2, VK3 and a weak copy on Mike VK6MB. Tried 40 m, 2 weak chasers, VK3FPSR and VK3FQSO, plus a local VK4 mobile. Back to 20 m, another 5 more contacts. 14 contacts all up. Packed up and headed down and back into VK2 to Murwillimbah to walk Mt Warning, VK2/NR-001 the next day.

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