Tuesday, 14 October 2014

SOTA Woodford Hill

Woodford Hill, VK2/NR-094 is located South West of the town of Maclean in the Northern Rivers region. I was curious to see it as had worked it during an S2S with Scott, VK2AET while activating Mt Lowden VK2/ST-002

Surprisingly found on the map the summit is on an island, Woodford Island, with the Clarence river on one side and a side river, South Arm on the other. Drove over the bridge crossing the Clarence river on Clarence Road, turned off on the left onto Golf Links Road, going to the Maclean Golf Course.

Followed Golf Link Road to the turn off to "Repeater Station Road", why does this street name sound familiar :)

Followed the road up the hill. Unsealed and a bit steep but not that bad, easily doable in a 2WD. Reached the turn off to the repeaters on the summit.

Quite a tall tower

A turning area in front of the repeater building made a good open area to operate from. Used a sapling to support the squid pole and tied off the dipole legs to a couple of trees.

Looking the other way. Shack on the tarp.

Got on 40 m. Being still a long way North was out of range of VK3, and a week day, so only 3 chasers, all from VK2,

VK2KTT Paul close by now at Coffs Harbour, VK2YW John in Wagga and VK2IO Gerhard in Sydney.

Tried 20 m, a weak contact with Mike VK6MB and VK3ANL Nick, nothing on 30 m, so only 5 contacts but enough to qualify the summit.

Packed up and returned to nearby Maclean for lunch.

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