Thursday, 16 October 2014

SOTA North Brother

After activating Mt Yarrahapinni drove to Kempsey for lunch, then turned off to Port Macquarie and followed the coast South to Laurieton, at the base of North Brother.

North Brother is one of 3 "brother" mountains, named by Captain James Cook on his discovery voyage of the East Coast of Australia in 1770 since they resembled each other. Amazingly the aboriginals also knew these as the 3 Brothers, in the dreamtime, 3 brothers were killed by a witch and buried under the mountains, the youngest one being Dooragan.

Drove from Laurieton up to North Brother lookout in Dooragan National Park.

A terrific lookout here over the town of Laurieton, looking South to Port Macquarie.

The site is used by hang gliders to launch from. Saw some flying later down in Laurieton.

On the South side of the car park another lookout, Don Johnstone Lookout. The mountain on the left is South Brother VK2/MN-078 at 494 m and the one on the right is Middle Brother VK2/MN-066 at 558 m.

Just to the East of this lookout the track to the top of North Brother starts

A bit overgrown but still easy walking.

Reached the North Brother trig

Nameplate on the trig, "Camden Haven"

Set up the squid pole on the trig, dipole legs tied off to a couple of branches. A bit tricky finding a free path for the wires through the trees.

Looking the other direction

Set up the radio on the tarp. Lots of mosquito's buzzing about, luckily too small to bite me, just annoying... Got on 40 m. Worked VK4DD, VK3ZPF/P, VK2WTY and VK2IO.

Tried 30 m, worked VK3PF, VK2YW and VK5WG. Gave 40 m another try, worked VK3VTH/2.

Switched to 20 m, worked VK3XL, VK3AFW, VK5PAS and VK3DAC. Also a local station, VK2HOT Bruce in Port Macquarie with a strong signal.

Went back to 40 m, worked VK1NAM and VK1EM. As getting late in the day headed down to Laurieton to get accommodation for the night.

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