Tuesday, 7 October 2014

SOTA Activation Mt Woorut

Mt Woorut, VK2/CW-003 is the location of the ANU Sidings Springs Observatory, and is located to the West of the town of Coonabararan in the Warrumbungle mountains.

Navigation is easy, just follow the signs from Coonabarabran. Approaching the mountain. The large Anglo-Australian telescope visible. Note how close the recent bushfires came to the observatory!

Drove to the observatory car park.

Walked up to see if I could walk to Mt Woorut trig, a sign indicated no public access...

Mt Woorut is listed as 1155 m. Checked the GPS height at the top of the car park, 1136 m so within the activation zone.

Set up on the top picnic table, using the fence for squid pole support

Dipole legs along the fence

No sooner had I set up than 2 of the staff wandered over and asked what I was doing. They were concerned about radio interference. Advised operating HF only and wouldn't be long, about a half hour. They seemed happy with this. Got on 40 m, signals well down on most stations, VK2CCJ about the strongest, VK3s quite weak. Only made 7 contacts, and electrical noise started up, figured good time to leave...

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