Tuesday, 7 October 2014

SOTA Activation Mt Coryah

Mt Coryah, VK2/NW-004 is located in Mount Kaputar National Park to the East of the town of Narrabri.

After drivinng to Narrabri followed the signs to the park. Road became unsealed, entered the park.

The road up was very twisty and narrow, with lots of bends. Barely enough room for 2 cars to pass in places. Some good views though. Mt Coryah on the far left.

Reached Coryah Gap, a car park and nice picnic spot. Had a cuppa before starting the walk here.

Start of the Mt Coryah walk.

A sign detailing the walk. I did not do the full loop, only to the summit and back the same way.

Started the walk. Initially quite pleasant with not too much climbing.

Then steps and some climbing...

The track runs around the side of a cliff, then continues up a series of steel ladders and platforms

Along the side of more cliffs, then a scramble up to the top. View with spear grass.

Reached a lookout to the North. The wind here was very strong

Followed the track away from the cliff until reaching the summit cairn, a pile of rocks.

Set up the squid pole on the track marker, tarp nearby for the radio.

Another view. Managed to find gaps in the trees for the 20/40 m dipole.

Got on 40 m. Signals not too bad from VK2s, VK3s and VK5s quite weak now this far away.

Switched to 20 m, worked VK5LY Larry, VK5PAS Paul with a huge S9+ signal, and VK3AFW Ron with another strong signal. Getting late in the day and planning to try nearby Mt Kaputar so packed up after 12 contacts and headed down.

GPS Track log of walk

GPS Track profile

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