Wednesday, 8 October 2014

SOTA Flagstaff Mountain

Flagstaff Mountain, VK2/NW-097 overlooks the town of Tamworth. It can be reached by walking tracks from Oxley lookout at the end of Scenic Rd, long but less climbing, or tracks from the end of Endeavour Drive, which is shorter but a steeper climb. I chose this way, about a 2 Km walk.

Start of the track from the car park at the end of Endeavour drive. This is near a marsupial reserve for children so heaps of car parking available.

Walk along a road then take the track on the right

The track climbs steeply until reaching a saddle and joining the Oxley Lookout track.

A good lookout on the way to another hill overlooking Tamworth. TV towers on top.

After 2 Km reached Flagstaff Mountain trig.

Nameplate on trig, "Tamworth"

Set up the squid pole on the Flagstaff Mountain sign, dipole legs running to a nearby fence. Hid in the shade of a bush near the sign.

Good views looking North

Shack in the shade under the bush. The fence was good, made a nice back rest.

Got on 40 m. Being almost noon the band was not that good, managed 5 contacts, most reporting me only around S1 due to the distance. Better luck on 20 m, 5 more contacts but signals S8 and S9 to VK3 and VK5.

Packed up and headed down for lunch.

Track log of walk.

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