Tuesday, 14 October 2014

SOTA Glenugie Peak

After activating Woodford Hill near Maclean continued heading South on the Pacific Highway, stopping for lunch at Grafton. Driving from Grafton to Coffs Harbour noticed a SOTA peak not far from the highway, Glenugie Peak, so turned off to give it a try.

Headed off along Franklins Rd, a good unsealed road, until turning off at an unmarked track that seemed to head for the summit. Map indicated it as "Lookout Road"

Seemed to get a bit rough and overgrown later so parked near this junction and started walking. Didn't look like it gets used much...

Came to a junction at the base of the summit. Left or right track? Only had a rough map on the GPS. I went right as it seemed to climb closer to the summit on the map.

After a short walk looked like it wasn't going up the summit. As fairly close now decided to just bush bash and head up the ridge to the top. Steep but not too bad, just clambered over rocks on the ridge line

Some good views out to the East

Got to the top, discovered there was a road up...seems I should have taken the left track at the fork...

There was also a rickety looking fire lookout tower

Climbed up the ladder to take a look

Didn't hang about, the floor looked like it was about to collapse, boards missing...

Looked for a suitable place for strapping a squid pole. The road going up had an odd looking tree on the side suitable for support.

Looking down the road

Looking up the road. Set up the shack on the tarp in the shade.

Got on 40 m. Worked VK2GKA, VK3ANL/2, VK3FPSR and VK2JDS mobile. Tried 20 m, worked VK3AFW, VK6MB and VK3TKK.

Packed up and headed down. Found the summit road joined the road that I had seen on the left, so could have walked on roads all the way...Although quite rough, would need a good 4WD to negotiate.

Track log of walk You can see my bush bash to the East and walk down the road on the West.

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