Thursday, 9 October 2014

SOTA Round Mountain

After activating VK2/NT-002 headed for nearby Round Mountain, VK2/NT-001.

Drove back to the Grafton Road, headed East until reaching the turnoff to Cathedral Rock National Park.

Entered the National Park

Followed the road until coming to a locked gate. There is a suitable spot for parking just before this on the right.

The road up to Round Mountain was sealed.

There is a gap next to the gate for walkers. Good collection of locks...

The road corkscrews up the mountain

Quite steep walking up. A good view near the top

Close to the top, saw the Air Services Australia Radar dome

Close up of the dome. Round Mountain trig is nearby, inside the locked compound.

The end of the road.

 I attempted to set up the SOTA station near here, got S9+ of RF noise right across the bands... so headed down the slope to try and get some shielding

Set up on a small stump

Looking across the slope. Attached the dipole legs to some bushes

SOTA shack in the grass

Got on 40 m. Some RF birdies but not enough to worry about. 6 contacts on 40 m. Went to 20 m, good signals from VK3, VK5, VK7. Got called by Brian VK3MCD and Jon N8AZ/VK3 on SOTA peak VK3/VC-018 for a S2S. 8 contacts on 20 m.

Packed up and headed down. The road was a bit boring, took a shortcut down the hill following the power lines. Would have been steep climbing up but good going down.

Track log of walk.

Track profile. 2.7 Km with about a 200 m climb

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