Monday, 27 January 2020

FT8DMC Worked 100 US Grid Squares Award

Managed to make some contacts with the US East Coast recently on 30m, and worked some new grid squares there. Found I had qualified for the FT8DMC Worked 100 US Grid Squares Award. Here it is. Over 700 grid squares in the US so still plenty left for more awards...

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Log4OM V2

My main logging program, Log4OM, had a major update recently from V1 to V2. This involved a database upgrade, so involved exporting all QSOs from V1 and importing into V2. Also involved some changes to the way WSJTX and JTAlert interact, which is covered in Facebook and Log4OM forums fairly well. After an upgrade to JTAlert managed to get everything working.

The main logging screen is a bit different. Typing in a call and there is a lookup to show the location of the station on a map. Nice, but the grid square is required to be accurate to get a useful map. As well as typing, you can click on a call in WSJTX and it looks them up as here for BD7OXR

The recent QSOs tab show you recent contacts. The columns are configurable, although missing IOTA and SOTA fields now. Does at least have SIG and SIG_INFO for WWFF contacts. There is a QSO Manager which is more useful to view all your entries.

The cluster tab shows you cluster spots from your selected connected cluster. Note some SOTA stations on, I could not hear them though...

Propagation shows current and predicted radio propagation. Have not played about with this much. The path reliability is shown for the currently selected grid square on 20m

The last tab is one I find the most useful, Worked Before. This featured in V1 and was initially moved to a separate window, but brought back in the man screen by popular demand. Can see I have worked this station before on 3 bands.

The program is still being updated. Be interesting to see further developments. Looks good.

Monday, 13 January 2020

FT8DMC Worked All Australia 6 m Award

Following a contact with VK8AW in Darwin on 6 m had contacted Australian call areas VK1 to VK8 on FT8. Applied for the FT8DMC award. Here it is. Not many have achieved this, I was #8.

There is also a similar award for the same by the European ROS Club, here is their version. Only #2 to get this award.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

FT8DMC Worked All Indonesia Award Silver

The FT8DMC awards program offers an award for working a certain number of different Indonesian call areas and prefixes. Bronze 20, Silver 40 and Gold all 60 call areas prefixes. Managed to get 41 worked for the Silver award. 

Saturday, 4 January 2020

FT8DMC WAJCA 10 m Award

Working Japan on 10 m FT8 is fairly easy from VK, however for working all JA call areas could not find JA9. After a long time I got called by JA9BOH Kimio recently on 10 m, so able to claim the FT8DMC WAJCA 10 m Award.

Monday, 30 December 2019

European ROS Club Worked 25 Australian Stations 17m Award

Found in Ultimate AAC awards software qualified for 25 Australian stations worked on 17m. Applied for this ERC award and received confirmation from the awards manager approved. Downloaded from the EPC website. Here it is.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

SOTA The Cascades VK2/SM-014

With some time off work decided to escape the heat for a while and head up to Thredbo for a few days. The temperature there at altitude is in the low 20s instead of mid to high 30s at home. Decided to activate a nearby summit, The Cascades, VK2/SM-014, which I have done a few other times but still enjoy doing.

Drove SW out of Thredbo along the Alpine Way until reaching the Thredbo River crossing and the car park for the walk. The car park is known as Dead Horse Gap. At 9:00 am it was crowded, got one of the few spots left to park. Followed the Cascade walking trail

The trail follows the Thredbo river, initially high above but after a few km drops down to the river

 Reached a metal bridge over the river.

Looking upstream.

Looking downstream where I had come from and to the main range

Climbed up the track on the other side, steep in places. After a few more Km headed into the bush towards the summit. A little swampy in places but with the drought not that deep.

Reached the summit, a large rocky outcrop with an old wooden trig.

It was very windy. Set up on an old stump, the rocks protected me from the wind but the squid pole was bouncing around everywhere.

Looking the other way.

Squid pole attached to the stump

Radio perched on my pack.

Got on 40 m on 7.090. After a call got VK3AFW Ron quite strong. Worked VK3GTV Col next, then a summit to summit from VK3PF/p Peter on VK3/VE-159. Quite surprising as the summit was in NE Victoria, only about 100 km W of me.

Went on to work

VK3SQ Geoff

After contacting Geoff the squid pole collapsed, twice... Really very windy.

VK3XPT/7 called me, on a beach in VK7 using an old military type portable radio. Audio sounded like a telephone handset... He had some company, worked VK7FOLK Helen and VK7JON Jonathon as well on the same radio.

The VK3ZPF Peter, VK2IO/m Gerard and a faint copy on VK4TJ John.

Went to 20m. Worked ZL1BYZ John, then another summit to summit, with ZL/VK2GPL and ZL1SKL on ZL1/WK-158 Puketutu. Both weak but workable

Worked ZL1TM Andrei, and VK5AYL Sue. Packed up and headed back down. Track log of walk, map from Google Maps. Its around 4.7 Km each way.