Saturday, 11 October 2014

SOTA Springbrook Mountain

Made my way up to the town of Springbrook, in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Followed the signs to "Best of All Lookout", which is near Springbrook Mountain summit.

Turned off onto "Repeater Station Road". A narrow winding road up to Springbrook Mountain. There are 2 car parks, a lower one where the repeater stations are for Air Services Australia.

And there is a smaller car park above this which is the start of the walk to Best of all Lookout, and the actual summit of Springbrook Mountain.

As thick rainforest all around the only open space for a 40 m dipole was in the car park. Set up the squid pole on a bollard on the edge of the car park, in front of a disabled car parking spot.

Shack on the tarp on the side of the car park.

Laying out the dipole legs was challenging...ropes tied to tree branches, with the dipole legs running over the tops of branches. I had one leg running over the roof of a parked car...

A claustrophobic operating spot. Got on 20 m as I knew it would be the best band this far North. 

Worked the usual chasers from VK3, also VK5PAS Paul, VK1MA Matt and VK7LTD Tony with strong signals. A S2S with Ron VK3AFW on VK3/VN-027.

Tried switching to 40 m, 6 more chasers from VK2, VK3 with very weak signals. After UTC rollover returned to 20 m to work VK1MA, VK1EM, VK3EK and VK3DAC. 

All up 20 contacts. Packed up and went for a look at Best of All Lookout.

Some nice rain forest. 

Reached the lookout. Looking East along the escarpment, the NSW/QLD border. some other VK4 SOTA peaks visible.

Looking South to Mt Warning, VK2/NR-001, which I was activating the next day.

Headed back down the road for lunch at one of the picnic areas nearby.


  1. Nice report, Ian. Very useful as I plan to activate this summit this weekend (21/5/17) weather permitting.
    Grant VK4JAZ

  2. Thanks Grant,

    The top car park was challenging for a 40m dipole! According to Dave VK4DD there is an easier spot to activate from after a short scrub bash from the repeater site.

  3. Thanks for the info, I am looking to activate this and Warning in the next couple of days once I am on the ground in Aussie!

  4. Thanks Jamie
    Good luck with the activations. I'll look out for you on Sotawatch.
    73 Ian VK1DI