Monday, 6 October 2014

SOTA Activation Mt Meehan

After activating Mt Bulga headed North of Orange to Mullion Creek. Found Mullion Creek Forest and turned off onto Mt Meehan Road,

Despite being called Mt Meehan Road discovered it does not go to the top of Mt Meehan...GPS showed summit on top of a hill behind a fence in private property.

Could see a track on the other side of the fence in the pine forest, Found an old gate that gave me access to the track.

Heading up the track beside the fence. Around 500 m to the summit.

Got to the top of the hill. Could see the summit, a rocky cairn, on the other side of the fence...

As just about level with it anyway appeared well within the activation zone, so set up. The fence made a good squid pole support.

Set up the shack on the tarp.

Got on 40 m, Usual chasers from VK1, VK2 and VK3. Noticed VK3s now getting weaker and VK2s stronger. One VK5, VK5IS, fairly weak. Went to 20 m, only one contact, Nev VK5WG with a strong signal. He couldn't hear me on 40 m. No S2Ss, just missed VK2YK and VK2AFA. Packed up.

On the way down noticed transmission towers along the road.

Track log of drive/walk

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