Friday, 3 January 2014

VK1DI's QSOs for 2013

As per 2012 here is a breakdown of my Radio Logbook contacts for 2013.

Produced by exporting my log in Ham Radio Deluxe into an xml file, opening this in Excel and using Pivot Table Reports

Breakdown by Band

40m is easily my most active band, due mainly to SOTA chasing, followed by 2m, also SOTA contacts.
Still active on 10m, but not as much as last year. Note use of WARC bands 12m and 30m now.

Breakdown by Mode

SSB replaces JT65 as the most popular mode, again SOTA related. 2m FM also gets a boost...JT65 still used but not as much now days.

Breakdown by Continent

Mainly OC, ie SOTA Australian contacts. North America next popular.

Breakdown by Country

Australian SOTA contacts dominate...

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