Sunday, 26 January 2014

SOTA reactivation South Black Range

On Sotawatch noticed many activations mid morning, so headed back to one of my favourite SOTA peaks, VK2/ST-006 South Black Range.

Drive as per my previous activation VK2/ST-002 Weather nice and sunny, if a little cool, only 14c on the car readout. Got to the top around 10 am.

Set up the squid pole as per last time on the same stump in front of it. This stump is a little loose, but does the job, with trees spaced nicely for the dipole ends.

Set up the radio on the nearby rock.

Signals were nice and strong from VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK5. Worked several S2S contacts, at one stage a group of us activators all jumped on one frequency and had fun trying to work each other, not really knowing the original user of the frequency...

VK2HRX/3 on VK3/VG-014
VK2FGJW/1 on VK1/AC-008
VK2KXN/3 on VK3/VG-014
VK1MBE/p on VK1/AC-041
AX3YY/p on VK3/VT-006
AX3BQ/p on VK3/VW-022
AX3HRA/p on VK3/VS-051
VK3PF/2 on VK2/SM-033
AX3CAT/p on VK3/VN-002

21 contacts before UTC changeover and 15 after.

Packed up around noon. As such a nice day decided to do a nearby unactivated peak, Gourock, VK2/ST-012. Report to follow

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