Thursday, 16 January 2014

SOTA 250 Unique Chaser Award

I recently reached another milestone in SOTA hunting, chasing 250 unique summits. 

This took some chasing, as the same summits tend to get activated by different activators, unique ones usually done by activators after something untouched.

Here is a breakdown of unique summits worked by association

Most unique peaks were VK3, unsurprising as one of the first associations to get going. VK2 is catching up though...The 35 summits in VK1 is quite good, there are only 43 all together! VK5 is challenging to work, VK4 even more so...There is 1 VK9 contact, Norfolk Island. Yet to get any non VK summits but will get done with right conditions...

Using a bit of fiddling with Excel and the total summits list, mapped out my unique summits worked. 

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