Saturday, 11 January 2014

SOTA reactivation Mt Majura

Mt Majura was the first VK1 summit I activated after VK1 went live in the 1st February 2013, returned again for another point.

As per last time started from the Hackett Horse Paddocks off Antill St

Sign for Mt Majura walks nearby

Follow the road and then continue on the bend up the mountain

The track joins another running along the base of Mt Majura. Followed this to the right then up a track on the left up stairs

This track snakes up the mountain, bends to the right then joins the main ridge track running between Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura

This track is steep in places...eventually come to a gate with the Mt Majura summit road

Just after the gate is the trig

As per last time used the round metal thing to support the squid pole.

Hid under a nearby bush in the shade

Got on 40m. Band quite good, worked VK2/VK3 and VK5s with good signals. A S2S with VK3BQ on VK3/VC-032. Worked 1 chaser on 2m FM, VK1MBE. On 20m only 2 locals, VK1NAM and VK1MDC. Gave it away at getting too hot.

Track log of walk


  1. Hi Ian,

    It was good to get you in the log on 40m with a good signal. The 40m band has been really average for a long time now with respect to trying to work VK1 & VK2 SOTA activators. And yet 12 months ago, even in the middle of the day, I could almost always work the VK1 activators. Here's hoping that it gets better.

    I think every summit should have a 'round metal thing' to secure your squid pole.

    Cheers & keep on activating,


  2. Hi Paul,

    Yes it was good to hear you on 40m with a good signal, as you say 40m has been very poor lately, I have even had problems working VK3 summits that are usually easy to work from here. May be high solar activity, should improve after summer with luck.

    There is another 'round metal thing' on nearby Mt Ainslie. They are both locked at the top. Suspect they are used for surveying as on the highest point of each mountain. Good for squid pole support :)


    Ian VK1DI