Monday, 27 January 2014

SOTA reactivation Pheasant Hill

After doing the tough walk up Gourock yesterday thought I would reactivate an easier peak, I decided to revisit Pheasant Hill. For access notes see my earlier Blog on this hill at SOTA Activation Pheasant Hill

Arrived at Brayshaws hut at 9: 30 am, fine and sunny day. Pheasant Hill behind it.

Walked up the hill, seemed to take longer this time, followed the ridge which made for less steep climbing but missed some of the grassy open areas on the way. Got to the top after about 50 minutes. The log I used last time was in the full sun this time of year, so picked another spot a little lower down, using a fallen tree for support.

Set up the radio on a nearby log, using a rock as a handy seat. It was in the shade, until later on when the sun moved further overhead.

Got on 40 m. Found most signals weak with severe fading. Started by working VK3PF Peter and VK2TWR Rod S2S on VK3/VC-011, then worked VK2FGJW/1 Greg on VK1/AC-023 Mt Coree.
Greg let me use his frequency. Worked several chasers, including Paul VK5PAS/P in Port Gawler CP. Had Andrew VK1NAM call me who faded out, a while later he came back, very severe QSB. We briefly tried 2m SSB with no luck, mainly due to my antenna, the FT817 whip...Ended up making 21 contacts before heading back down after lunch.

Return a little better, still seemed to find lots of scrub though...Track log of walk.

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