Sunday, 26 January 2014

SOTA Activation Gourock

After activating South Black Range decided to try activating nearby peak Gourock, VK2/ST-012. Never been activated before, I had left it alone as suspected a bit of a scrub bash, but decided to check it out today anyway.

Drove back to Hoskinstown, then to Rossi, followed the road onto Lowden Forest Road

Part way along this road stopped for lunch at Lowden Forest Park, a nice picnic spot with an old water wheel.

Continued along Lowden Forest Road until it ended at a logging area at the base of Gourock. Parked and continued to the left using a trail bike riders track. From here about a Km from the summit.

Climbed a bit of this, then took some old logging tracks up the mountain

Got quite steep. After a while these logging tracks ran out, then just bush bashed up the side of the mountain. Not too thick, although did get cut legs from Lawyer vine, local vine that looks and acts like barbed wire...

After about half an hour of walking got to the summit ridge.

As I didn't have the peak waypoint in the GPS just headed up to what looked like the highest point, a cluster of rocks.

Set up the squid pole on a nearby stump and the 40m dipole to a couple of trees.

Radio and myself on a nearby log.

Got on 40m. Was able to spot myself and got a pileup going. One S2S with Allen, AX3HRA on VK3/VS-048. Made 28 contacts. Packed up and headed down almost the same way, although did seem to get more lawyer vine than the way up :(

I wondered why there was no trig or rocky cairn. At home downloaded the track log, found Gourock has 2 minor peaks close together, I had picked the wrong one... As only 10 m or so difference still in the activation zone though.

Track log of drive/walk.

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