Saturday, 25 January 2014

SOTA Activation Mt Stromlo BBQ

There was a sugggestion for the 12 month anniversary of the VK1 Association of a BBQ get together, I suggested we use the BBQ on Mt Stromlo as this is in the activation zone of the summit. So activated the BBQ area to check if suitable.

First went up to the proper summit to get a reading of height on the GPS.

Then walked down the hill towards Scope Restaurant. The BBQ is next to Scope Restaurant.

Found the BBQ. 2 electric hot plates. There used to be a table and chairs here, this was gone...

Tried the 2 hot plates, both worked fine.

Checked the GPS, around 15 m below the summit here so still inside the activation zone. Set up the squid pole on the support for a sign long gone. Found a problem here, there were overhead power lines, so could only get the squid pole up safely at 6 m height.

Set up the radio on the lawn in the shade of a tree.

Got on 40m, started well working with 2 S2S contacts, VK2FPJR on VK2/IL-006, VK3ANL on VK3/VC-018. Later on worked Peter VK3PF and Rod VK2TWR on VK2/SM-036, and VK3ZPF on VK3/VT-059. Made 26 contacts. Waited for UTC rollover at 11am local time.

Just at 11 am an S8 noise came up, just like the last time I activated here! Whatever it is is time dependent, so this spot may or may not have the same problem for a lunch time BBQ. So BBQ facilities okay, radio maybe not okay...

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