Thursday, 1 January 2015

SOTA VK2/SM-033 Blackfellows Hill

After completing the activation of VK2/SM-036 drove to nearby Wares Yard Camp Ground. This is a large camping area popular with horse riders

As the end of the school holidays a lot had already packed up, but still several horses and campers there

At the far end of the camp the walking track to Blackfellows Hill, although suspect more used by horse riders than walkers

The track initially runs at right angles to the direction to Blackfellows Hill, gaining altitude. It was steep in places but not too bad.

Once on top of the ridge it head for the summit, passing over a couple of minor peaks. On the grassy ridge the March flies were really bad, a constant low buzzing around me as I walked along. If I stopped I would hear the buzzing stop, this meant they had landed on me ready to bite :( Note only the females bite, but the males are still annoying. I had repellent on but it didn't seem to put them off much.

Approaching the summit. It doesn't look far, but still over a Km to go here.

Reached the top after 4.5 Km walking. The ridge had seemed to go on forever...A grassy area with a few trees.

A bit of a view to Tantangara dam and the camp below. Mt Nungar VK2/SM-027 visible

Set up the squid pole on a fallen tree, with some shade from the trees

Shack in the grass. I left the blue tarp behind, the march flies would have loved it...Moved the radio around as the sun progressed.

Got on 40 m, to hear more activators out doing new year S2S contacts. As well as many chasers worked the following S2S contacts

VK3YY/p on VK3/VT-026
VK3BQ/2 on VK2/SM-065
VK3EK/p on VK3/VG-074
VK2IO/p on VK2/HU-093
VK1MA/2 on VK2/ST-036
VK3CAT/p on VK3/VN-030
VK3HRA/p on VK3/VN-030
VK2IB/p on VK2/RI-010
VK3PF/p on VK3/VE-004
VK3ANL/p on VK3/VC-005
VK3MTB/p on VK3/VT-057
VK1NAM/2 on VK2/ST-001
VK1DA/2 on VK2/ST-001
VK5BJE/3 on VK3/VC-019
VK2QR/p on VK2/SW-007
VK3MCD/2 on VK2/SW-007

After over an hour swatting march flies I had had enough. Walked back down the track, the march flies didn't let off until leaving the ridge.

Track profile of walk, 4.5 Km each way, with about a 250 m climb

Track log of both VK2/SM-036 and VK2/SM-033

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