Monday, 26 January 2015

SOTA Reactivation VK1/AC-034 Mt Majura

For the Australia Day holiday decided to activate a close by city summit, Mt Majura so would have the afternoon free for other things.

As per previous activations parked and started walking at the horse paddocks track in Hackett.

Mt Majura and a sign/map of the nature reserve

Headed up the track, getting onto a walking track at the end of the houses

Continued until getting to a track along the base of the mountain, turning right

A short distance along the track took the track up to the top

Reached the top ridge, turning left towards the summit. This is also part of the bicentennial walking trail

The road along the ridge was steep in places...slowed down a bit, got to the top gate after about 40 minutes walking.

The track ends at the closed off road to the communications towers on top. As per previous activations set up the squid pole on the round metal thing near the trig

SOTA shack on the concrete base

Got on 40 m. Started with a S2S with Paul AX5PAS/p on VK5/SE-016. Worked several chasers, then another S2S with Tony AX3CAT/p on VK3/VC-009. Then several more chasers. Worked John VK5BJE in Belair NP.

When 40 m died off switched to 20 m. About to start calling on 14.310 Mhz, then heard Justin VK7TW/p on VK7/SC-001 start calling CQ SOTA...Grabbed him for an S2S both before and after UTC rollover. Also worked Peter VK3PF/7, AX3AFW, VK6NI and VK5NIG on 20 m, band in good shape.

Packed up around noon. After a 30 minute walk down drove to nearby Dickson for lunch


  1. Hi Ian, good write up. Nice catch on the S2S activity.
    Andrew, VK1NAM