Wednesday, 7 January 2015

SOTA VK2/IL-015 Mount Kembla

After stopping overnight at Wollongong headed up to Mount Kembla. This is a prominent sandstone bluff overlooking the city. Took Cordeaux Road up to the village of Kembla, Heights, then followed the road to the Mount Kembla Lookout. Some nice rainforest. The lookout is in the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area.

Reached Mount Kembla Lookout

There is a car parking area here. The view over Wollongong isn't bad, a bit spoiled by the high voltage power lines

Near the lookout the summit track walk starts.

A short distance a choice of 2 tracks, to the summit on the left and a ring walk on the right. I took the left track to the summit.

The track follows the ridge up. Fairly easy walking at first, several rocks to step over.

Some steps to climb

Some scrambling through rocks

It got steeper towards the summit, some metal steps to assist walkers

Reached the trig after about a half hour walk. Not much of a view, too many trees...

A short distance away on a loop track a good rocky lookout over the Wollongong area. Looking South.

Looking towards Port Kembla steel works. Rather misty

A hazy view towards Wollongong city

Not much room near here for a 40 m dipole...Headed away from the lookout until finding a clearing just off the walking track. Note the clearing is actually more of the highest point than the trig or lookout. If you head for the highest point you will find the clearing. There is not much else with sufficient room!

Set up the squid pole on the log. Able to get the dipole legs out okay. A couple of nearby rocks made good support for the radio and a seat

SOTA shack on the rocks, after the sun came out

Got on 40 m. Made a contact with Tony VK3VTH/p in Brisbane Ranges NP, then 7 more of the regular chasers. Fairly quiet as a weekday. Tried 20 m , no luck.

Packed up and headed back. Got an SMS from Andrew VK1NAM for a S2S, however was about a km back along the track by then.

This SOTA activation was rather special as it marks the 100th unique summit for me.

Track log of walk

Track profile. A 1.6 Km walk each way and about a 200 m climb.


  1. Nice pics, good info. Congrats on 100 summits.

  2. Congratulations Ian on your achievement in activating 100 unique SOTA peaks, a mighty fine effort.
    73 Andrew VK1NAM

  3. Thanks Andrew. Yes it was not easy, needed to go interstate several times to get new ones...You only have a few more to go yourself, well done.

    73 Ian VK1DI