Tuesday, 6 January 2015

SOTA VK2/IL-001 Mt Gibraltar

With a few days off work decided to do a few Illawarra summits. The first one for the day was VK2/IL-001, Mt Gibraltar, near Bowral.

Approached as per my last activation. Not the most attractive operating position, as before on a concrete slab near the trig point.

Put up both 20/40 m and 6/10 m dipoles. There was a spot for Andrew VK1NAM/2 on VK2/SW-074 on 6 m. I couldn't hear him on this band, only QRM from the nearby transmitters. Managed to work him on 40 m okay. Another S2S with VK3XL/2 on VK2/SC-022. Made 20 contacts on 40 m all up.

Tried 10 m. All I could hear was the Sydney 10 m beacon VK2RSY on ground wave...Still quite a bit of local QRM on 10 m too. Tried some calls on 20 m with no luck.

While I was there had a visitor, a VK3 doing some sightseeing with his family, had a chat.

Packed up and headed for my next summit, VK2/IL-002 Wingecarribee

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