Wednesday, 7 January 2015

SOTA VK2/SC-050 Mt Boyne

After activating Mount Kembla drove back to Wollongong and headed back to Canberra via the South Coast. As a warm day, around 30 c, considered what I could activate on the way home and decided to revisit Mt Boyne, VK2/SC-050, as I knew it would be shady and cool.

Turned off the Princes Highway South of Ulladulla onto Monkey Mountain Road, then Old Coach Road. Parked at the intersection of Old Coach Road and the summit track.

The track up was steep and had some large puddles, so must have had some rain recently

After about a Km reached the towers on top

As the trig was out in the hot sun I decided to operate in the shade of the trees, off to the right side of the road just before the towers. Used a tree stump for the squid pole support

Looking back down the road

SOTA shack on a nearby log. Nice and cool in the shade of the trees.

Got on 40 m, worked 3 of the usual chasers. Bit of a struggle as a lot of nearby storm activity generating static crashes

Tried 20 m. Worked Rob VK2MT on ground wave from nearby Batemans Bay, where he was camping for the holidays. We tried a contact on the Knights Hill 2 m repeater, this was a good signal on the hand held. He told me that the Batemans Bay 2 m repeater used to be on this site, but due to high council site fees was moved to Knights Hill. The folded dipoles for the repeater were still mounted on the tower nearby, I could see them...We were joined by VK2BGL Steve from Jamberoo.

Returned to 40 m where Rob and Steve were both strong signals. Went on to work 5 more chasers. As getting late in the day and still had a long drive home packed up and headed back down.

Track log of walk

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