Sunday, 29 April 2018

WWFF Wanna Wanna Nature Reserve VKFF-2016

Sunday afternoon looked like a nice day to get out and activate a park, so decided to activate Wanna Wanna Nature Reserve. After studying maps I knew there would have to be a walk in to this park, so packed the pack with my FT-857D and just a tarp as would not be able to carry in a table and chair like other parks. Drove to Queanbeyan then Captains Flat Road, turning off onto Clydesdale Rd on the right after 10 km. Then turned off onto Pony Pl on the left. The park was along Pony Pl on the right. Parked in front of the locked gate. Sign for the park.

Despite the sign the area over the fence was not in the reserve, this is mainly an access road running between 2 private properties to get to the reserve.

Loaded up the pack and started walking along the access road. After 500 m the property on the left ended, and the park began. I had seen on maps a "through trail" so headed for this to get into the middle of the park. The through trail turned out to be very indistinct, don't think it had been used for years...

Luckily the park was mainly open woodland, in fact quite suitable for an activation as lots of old logs and stumps everywhere. I set up on a large log and set up the radio, squid pole and myself on it as a handy seat. Sorry no photo of it as I usually take one later, and ended up leaving in a hurry...

Google maps showing my walk in and operating spot, practically in the middle of the park, mid way up a hill.

Got on 40 m. A low signal park to park with VK4AAC/2 Rob down the coast in VKFF-0102 Clyde River National Park. He was at the same place I operated there, Holmes Lookout overlooking Batemans Bay.

Found a spare spot and spotted myself on ParksnPeaks, after calling CQ had an instant pileup...

Signals all S9+. VK3PF, VK5PAS, VK3ZPF, VK2EXA, VK2IO. 40 m was in great shape.

Another couple of park to park contacts. VK5LA/p Andy in VKFF-0372 Murray River National Park and VK7QP/p Linda in VKFF-1834 Three Thumbs State Reserve.

Continued working park hunters, all strong S8-S9 signals. VK3BBB, VK2FOUZ, VK2HHA, VK3ZMD, VK2YK, VK2PKT, VK3TKK/m.

Worked VK1MIC/p Wade testing out an antenna in nearby Gungahlin in a suburban park with a good signal.

Called by VK4NH Ray, who gave me his other calls, VK4DXA and ZL4TY/VK4. It was at this stage the rain started, becoming quite heavy. I quickly told others calling I had to leave,threw the tarp over the radio and packed up. Headed back to the car, getting there just before the heavier rain started. On the drive home some lightning and hail, glad I had given it away... Heard that Wade VK1MIC/p had also packed up due to the storm.

Park hunters were still calling as I packed up. Another park to return to.

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