Tuesday, 24 April 2018

FT8 Digital Mode Club Awards

Noticed on the QRZ page of someone I worked on FT8 a list of various awards from FT8DMC, so a bit of googling found the FT8 Digital Modes Club. https://www.ft8dmc.eu/

Joined up and got issued with a certificate. Joining is free.

To claim the awards, found I need to apply using software called UAAC, or Ultimate Award Application Center. Downloaded this from the European PSK Club website. This is actually used for checking and issuing awards for several organizations. Selected FT8DMC

After filling in my user data, callsign and membership number, imported in an adif file of all my FT8 contacts and let it work out what awards I can claim.

Only 1 so far, WAJCA, Worked All Japan Call Area, for working JA0-JA9. Results as follows

JA0IXW              2018-04-21  06:14  10M   FT8      JA0   
JA1VGV              2018-02-25  04:13  10M   FT8      JA1   
JA2BQX              2017-09-16  00:36  10M   FT8      JA2   
JA3EQC              2018-02-25  03:53  10M   FT8      JA3   
JA4GZK              2018-02-25  03:49  10M   FT8      JA4   
JA6IUQ              2018-04-21  06:05  10M   FT8      JA6   
JA7GAP              2018-02-25  03:57  10M   FT8      JA7   
JA8ABZ              2018-04-21  06:32  10M   FT8      JA8   
JA0EVI              2017-09-02  23:27  17M   FT8      JA0   
7N4OHN              2018-04-20  08:09  17M   FT8      JA1   
JA2EDG              2018-04-20  07:56  17M   FT8      JA2   
JF7RJM              2018-04-20  08:02  17M   FT8      JA7   
JA9CAC              2017-12-03  05:53  17M   FT8      JA9   
JG1LRE              2018-01-08  07:13  20M   FT8      JA1   
JR1EMO              2017-09-15  08:29  30M   FT8      JA1   
JA2ATE              2017-10-18  11:04  30M   FT8      JA2   
JE3MTQ              2018-01-18  10:13  30M   FT8      JA3   
JA4PXC              2018-03-09  09:07  30M   FT8      JA4   
7L3LNF              2017-09-04  10:07  40M   FT8      JA1   
JA5JQH              2018-03-08  12:02  40M   FT8      JA5   
JA9KA               2018-03-06  10:05  40M   FT8      JA9   


WAJCA-WAJCA:        10/10 japanese callsign areas

Applied for the award through the software. Award approved by the award manager. 
Once approved you can download as follows

All your FT8DMC awards can be downloaded from EPC Club. Check the link below.

Registration is required, you can register to EPC Club from the following link:

Once registered was able to download this award from the EPC Club download link.

Nice award. I'll have to chase some of the other awards available.