Sunday, 8 April 2018

WWFF Activation Stony Creek Nature Reserve VKFF-1997

With a nice warm Sunday decided to activate another WWFF park, this time picking one never before activated, VKFF-1997 Stony Creek Nature Reserve. Drove to Queanbeyan, then onto the Kings Highway, turning off onto the Captains Flat Rd. Followed this for 5 Km before turning off on the left into the park.

As can be seen the park boundary is run down... The fence was falling to bits, and one of the fence posts was on the ground. I found out why later when I saw someone illegally riding a motor bike through the park...they would have got through the fence easily.

Near the gate a faded sign showing some of the parks Flora and Fauna.

Set up the squid pole on the park sign, dipole legs tied to a couple of nearby tree branches.

Operating location in the park. Map from Protected Planet.

FT857d radio on the table. Started on 40 m running 40 W.

Got on 40 m and worked the activators already on. Park to park contacts with VK5PAS/p Paul and VK5FMAZ/p Maria in VKFF-0868 Bakara Conservation Park, with good signals.

Found VK3ZPF/p Peter on SOTA summit VK3/VN-011, also VKFF-0755 Cathedral Range State Park. A good 57 signal even though he was only using 5 w.

Worked some of the usual park hunters


Saw some spot on ParksnPeaks, activators moved to 20 m, so followed them up there.

Worked again VK5PAS/p in VKFF-0868 Bakara Conservation Park, and VK3ZPF/p Peter in VKFF-0755 Cathedral Range State Park, both good signals on 20 m.'

A surprising call from VK2IO/p Gerard in VKFF-1167 Dharawal National Park in Sydney, only around 300 Km away... Weak but readable, some back scatter I guess.

Some more park hunters called, all quite strong.


Made a very weak contact with VK2JNG/p Gerard in VKFF-1971 Mundoonen Nature Reserve near Yass. Not that far away, but too far for ground wave, so probably more back scatter. He was very low down but could copy with no radio noise in the park.

Saw a spot on 40 m for VK4SMA/p Mark, so went back there to work him in  VKFF-0309 Maryland National Park.

And a spot on 20 m for VK4FW/p Bill, so another band link change there to work him in VKFF-1470 Baywulla Creek Conservation Park.

As getting warm and lunch time parked up after 22 contacts. Was going to activate nearby Wanna Wanna Nature Reserve next, but could not find the access road, one to return to after looking at the maps...

Instead headed off to another park in the afternoon, VKFF-1375, Tallaganda State Recreation Area.

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