Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Digital Modes Club (DMC) Awards

After installing the UAAC Award program added one more award group, the Digital Modes Club (DMC).

Joined up using their website and applied for membership, which is free. Note you also need to apply for a login to the website to download awards.

Added my membership number into userdata in UAAC and imported in an adif file of all my digital QSOs. As these cover all bands and digital modes had qualified for several awards. Downloaded the awards from the DMC website, once logged in.

DXCC Hunter Award, 50 countries

Worked Europa Award, 20 European countries

ITU Zones, 40 worked Award

CQ Zones, 30 worked so far out of 40.

Worked 150 DMC members

WAC - Worked All Continents, digital modes

WAS - Worked all 50 States in the USA. I had achieved this a few years ago on JT65 mode across several bands.

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