Sunday, 6 May 2018

WGA FT8 100 Grid Locators Award

After a good opening today on 10 m FT8 to Japan I had worked enough new grid locators to qualify for the FT8 Digital Mode Club Award WGA FT8, for working 100 grids on FT8 mode.

Applied for the award using Ultimate AAC Awards manager software. Downloaded the award from the EPC website.

A breakdown of grids worked per band, for the bands I can work:

80 m - 14
40 m - 31
30 m - 21
20 m - 12
17 m - 11
10 m - 11

I don't have antennas for 15 m or 12 m. 40 m provided the most with 31% of the 100.

When you apply for the award you can display a world map of grids worked.

Most of the grid worked have been around VK, ZL and surrounding islands, not surprisingly for my location. I have also now worked most of Japans grids :) Most on 10 m and 17 m. A few European countries, not many as propagation there has been poor since starting on FT8. Yet to work Africa... The USA has been a bit better, mainly Eastern side, of 40 m and 17 m. A few rare South American and Caribbean contacts.

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