Saturday, 12 May 2018

FT8DMC Worked All Continents Award

After working EA8AXT in the Canary Islands, counted as part of the continent of Africa, I had at last qualified for the FT8 Digital Modes Club WAC (Worked All Continents) Award. Applied via the Ultimate AAC software and downloaded the award from the FT8DMC website.

The stations I worked to achieve the award

EA8AXT              2018-05-12  06:44  40M   FT8      AF   
7L3LNF              2017-09-04  10:07  40M   FT8      AS   
SQ9UM               2018-02-16  20:11  40M   FT8      EU   
N6QQ                2017-08-01  08:28  40M   FT8      NA   
VK7AP               2017-09-04  12:24  40M   FT8      OC   
YV5JBI              2018-02-26  10:36  40M   FT8      SA   


WAC-WAC:            6/6 continents
WAC-40M:            6/6 continents on 40m band

As I had also achieved this on one band, 40 m, so also qualified for the WAC 40 Meter award.

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