Monday, 28 May 2018

WWFF Batemans Marine Park VKFF-1406

After stopping at Batemans Bay for the long weekend had the Monday off, so before driving back home made one last activation of Batemans Marine Park, as only needing 4 contacts to finish the 44 needed for a WWFF point.

As Caseys Beach was noisy RF wise, picked another spot close enough to the Marine Park to operate from, Surf Beach, a bit further South of Batemans Bay. There is a park and lawn area here close to the beach, so set up the squid pole on a fence post, with the radio at the base of the post.

FT-857D radio on the picnic blanket from the car. A bit more comfortable than the tarp.

Got on 40 m.As a week day for other states fairly quiet. VK2JNG Gerard was in a park but unable to hear him, no NVIS short skip. Spotted myself and got a steady run of callers, most with good strong signals.

VK3YSA/p Anthony
VK7JON Jonathon
VK3PAT Chris
VK5FANA Adrian
VK2VW Brett
ZL1TM Andrei
VK2ZVG Steven

As had more than enough contacts to finish the park, packed up and headed back home to Canberra.

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