Monday, 28 December 2015

SOTA Wolumla Peak VK2/SC-022

Driving home to Canberra from my brothers place at Pambula Beach, diverted to activate a SOTA peak, Wolumla Peak VK2/SC-022.

From South Pambula drove down Mt Durragh Road until turning off onto Wolumla Peak Road. Note the road sign is missing, so look out for a sign showing 11 km to Pambula

The road crosses the Pambula River.

Followed the road up the mountain. Remnants of the road sign...I found this road a bit rough, narrow with rocky bits and some tree branches down partially across the road. Did not need 4WD, just needed to take it carefully.

Entered South East Forests National Park. This was a nice surprise, as it means I can also claim the SOTA contacts for the WWFF award. The park reference is VKFF-0458.

Reached the summit. There is a car park here in front of the fire spotting tower.

Wolumla Trig. Usual NSW lollipop type. Some communication towers behind it.

Name plate on trig, "Wolumla"

The fire tower was closed. You could however get onto a platform on the outside. I debated about operating from the platform, but decided too near metal railing and antennas.

Opted for the Trig as squid pole support. Dipole legs run out to the lookout tower hand rail and the fence around the towers. Sorry about the dark spot on the photo, something got on the lens.

SOTA shack at the base of the trig

Got on 40 m. Usual chasers from VK2, VK3, VK5 and VK7, some very strong. Summit to summit contacts with Compton VK2HRX/P on VK2/CT-002 and Tony VK1VIC/2 on VK2/ST-053.

Tried 20 m. Worked Nev VK5WG with a good copy and Warren, ZL2AJ, one of the new SOTA activators in New Zealand. Unfortunately some interference from a radar system so gave away 20 m.

As still had some distance to drive home packed up and drove down, took about a half hour to get to the highway.

A map of the route

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