Sunday, 27 December 2015

Ben Boyd National Park Activation VKFF-0026

After Christmas in Canberra drove down to visit my brother for an after Christmas get together at Pambula Beach. As he lives not that far from Ben Boyd National Park decided to do an afternoon park activation of this park for the World Wide Flora and Fauna Award, VKFF-0026.

The park has 2 main areas, North and South of Eden. I went to the nearest one in the North. Headed South on the Princes Highway to an unpaved road with a sign for the park.

Followed the road to North Long Beach, a quiet fishing beach. Operating Spot marked on the map.

North Long Beach car park, walk to beach 300 m.

North Long Beach

Looking North

Looking South

As nice as this beach was, it didn't have a suitable spot for operating from, so returned to the car park. Set up the park station in the scrub just off the road, using a tree stump for the squid pole support. Tied off the dipole legs to a couple of tree branches.

Radio shack on a chair with a built in small table, borrowed from my brother :)

Got on 40 m. Worked Matt VK1MA/3 on SOTA summit VK3/VN-030. Then the usual park hunters from VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and VK7. Signals quite strong especially from VK3s and VK7s. Made 28 contacts before heading back to my brothers place for dinner.

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