Sunday, 13 December 2015

SOTA Oakey Creek Fire Trail VK2/ST-023

After my failed attempt at Monga VK2/ST-024 headed for the nice easy summit of Oakey Creek Fire Trail VK2/ST-023.

From the Mongarlowe Picnic Area turned off onto Milo Road, then Macquarie Road, to the junction with Boundary Fire Trail where the summit is close by to.

As per previous activations headed for a cluster of stumps, suitable for squid pole support.

Set up the squid pole with 20/40 m and 6/10 m dipoles deployed. Radio shack on a nearby log.

Got on 40m. Worked Peter VK3PF doing a special Anzac Day memorial activation of VI3ANZAC. A S2S with Tony VK3CAT/P on VK3/VC-037. Chasers mainly from VK2 and VK3, lots of QSB, some fairly strong.

Switched to 10 m. Heard Adan VK1FJAW/P on VK2/ST-053 Mt Mundoonen, despite several calls he could not hear me though. Got called by Mark VK1EM but he was also unable to hear me. Lots of JA stations on in the World Wide 10 m ARRL contest. Managed to work Andrew VK1DA/2 on VK2/ST-036 Spring Hill, not very strong but readable. Packed up and drove home.

Driving back along Milo Road, a very scenic drive through tree ferns.

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