Sunday, 6 December 2015

SOTA Boboyan Range VK1/AC-044

With a warm Sunday predicted with a top of 32 c decided to head for a nice cool shady summit, VK1/AC-044 Boboyan Range at around 1400 m looked ideal. As per my last activation headed down Boboyan Road. Stopped briefly at Hospital Hill lookout. Mt Gudgenby VK1/AC-009 on the left, recently activated for the first time by VK1RX Al and VK1FJAW Adan, a long hard walk.

As per last time parked off the road at a small roadside cutting about a 1.3 Km walk from the summit, Track log of walk.

Climbing up to the ridge. The scrub was a bit thick in places but not too bad. Could find an easy enough pathway up. Last activation was in snow, which actually made it easier as it had flattened a lot of the vegetation, not so in summer.

Once on the ridge the going got a bit easier. Bit of a dug up area, pigs or possibly wombats as some burrows nearby.

Walked along the ridge, after half an hour reached Andrew VK1AD's summit cairn. I added a few more rocks before leaving :)

Set up nearby using a broken tree as squid pole support.

Shack on the tarp nearby.

As per last time mobile phone reception here very poor, had to wander about a bit to get an internet connection on the Telstra network. Saw Andrew VK1AD/P on VK1/AC-038 Tuggeranong Hill on 40 m, so headed there.

Andrew was quite weak, only S1, yet only 40 Km away. In fact most signals very weak, looks like another solar storm had killed off all the close in skip...Made another S2S with Nick VK3ANL/P on VK3/VE-138 Bald Hill.  Also Matt VK1MA/2 on VK2/ST-053 Mt Mundoonen. Tried calling for chasers, most weak with severe QSB, very poor conditions. Missed working a couple of stations due to QSB dropout, including Rod VK2TWR. Only worked 10 stations in VK1, VK2 and VK3.

Changed bands to 10 m, and heard Andrew VK1AD/P now S9! Also some sporadic e on the band to the North, worked Scott VK2AET in Grafton, Matt VK1MA/2 again now an S8, VK2VW Brett in Northern NSW and Rick VK4RF/VK4HA in Brisbane with strong signals.

Saw a spot for Andrew VK1AD/P on 6 m so changed the links to this band. He was S9 here too. Also worked Rod VK2TWR at Nimmitabel to the South of me, a tremendous S9+ signal. He does have a high tower and 6 m beam though and would have had a good clear path to me.

Returned to 40 m after seeing a spot for Paul VK3HN/P on VK3/VT-006 Mt St Phillack, a nice 10 point summit.

Headed home, stopping at Gordon shops for lunch. It was 32 c back home...only around 20 c on the summit.

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