Saturday, 19 December 2015

SOTA Cabbage Tree Fire Trail VK2/SC-035

With a hot day predicted decided to do a nice easy summit with some shade, Cabbage Tree Fire Trail VK2/SC-035. As per my previous activation drove down the Kings Highway to Braidwood, then part of the way down to the coast onto Misty Mountain Road on the right. Stopped near the intersection with Cabbage Tree Fire Trail

The temperature according to the car outside thermometer was 28 c in Braidwood, but rose as I descended down the mountain, and was a toasty 34 c so this was to be a short activation. The summit was only about 260 m away, so a short walk up through the scrub to my usual operating spot, a large tree stump.

Squid pole bungee corded to the stump. Dipole legs out to a couple of trees.

Shack on the tarp. A bit of shade but got in the sun as the sun got higher.

Got on 40 m to start with David VK2JDS/m who spotted me. Coverage was poor here but could get a signal if I moved around a bit. Worked VK1, VK2 and VK3, and a weak copy with Rick VK4RF. Lots of severe QSB, would need to repeat reports several times as I faded in and out to chasers.

Tried 10 m. Could hear the Adelaide beacon, VK5WI on 28.259 around S7, so open to the West on Sporadic e. Worked Ian VK5CZ, Ian VK5IS and a surprising copy with Tony VK3CAT.

Saw a spot for VK7ZMS on 40 m. I could very weakly hear him, but no response to my calls, and other chasers also unable to contact him. I heard Allen VK3HRA call him with no luck so had a contact with Allen.

As getting just too hot to operate packed up after noon and headed back to the cool of the air conditioned car.

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