Monday, 30 September 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Alexandra VK2/IL-005

After activating Mt Gibraltar and having lunch in Mittagong headed up to Mt Alexandra. From the main street in Mittagong head up Victoria St. The road leaves the town and climbs steeply, ending at a dirt car park. Measured the altitude at 710m, so a good 80m below the summit at 790m.

Started walking up the hill. There is a sign to Katoomba Lookout, 500m

Pleasant walk up, not too steep. On the way saw some waratahs out in flower.

The track splits mid way up, they join up later so can take either route.

Found the "trig" at the highest point, an unimpressive pile of rocks. Measured the height at 791m with the GPS.

Followed the tracks to Katoomba Lookout. This was a lookout West over the Hume Freeway and mountains, good views.

There were a couple of picnic tables here. Measured the height at 785m, so 6m below the summit and inside the 25m activation zone. The table looked ideal to operate from.

As the table edge didn't line up with the bottom, I found a suitable rock to allow the squid pole to lash vertically to the end of the table. Worked well.

Strung out the 40m dipole legs to a couple of nearby trees, and had my SOTA shack table ready to go.

Got on 40m. Unfortunatley the band wasn't real good at this time of day, most signals weak. Picked up later, worked S2S with Glen VK3YY and Andrew VK1NAM/3 on Pyramid Hill, VK3/VN-005 with 58 signals.
All up worked 15 chasers. Packed up at 2:30pm, walked back to the car and drove home.

Track log of walk.


  1. G'day Ian,
    Those tables & chairs should be strategically placed on every SOTA peak !
    A good signal here.
    Best 73,

  2. Hi Paul,

    Yes, sure beat the usual logs and rocks for comfort!

    73 Ian VK1DI