Sunday, 29 September 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Budawang VK2/ST-015

From home in Canberra drove out to Bungendore via Macs Reef Rd, then the Kings Highway to Braidwood, then turned off to Mongarlowe on the Mongarlowe Rd. Turned off to the right in Mongarlowe down the Budawang Rd. After a turn to the left off Northangera Rd the road becomes unsealed. Mt Budawang on the right in the distance.

The road crosses several private farm properties with public road access through them. First of 3 gates to stop at, open, drive through and close...

Not long after this gate saw a NSW National Parks sign indicating to turn down a track to the left. This is the Mt Budawang Rd.

The track leads to another access gate...Shut the gate mate!

After driving through farm property another gate. Had a few cows on the other side, they ignored me.

After this gate the road passes through forest rather than farmland. Entered Budawang National Park. There is a locked gate just past the sign so parked here.

The locked gate. Walking only from now on.

The road passes through some cool temperate rain forest, nice tree ferns.

After a bit over an hour reached the top. I was disappointed to see the fire tower was closed off, last time I was here it was open access and I was able to go inside, now it is locked up.

Set up the squid pole and radio at one corner of the fence. Used the pack for a radio desk.

Squid pole and dipole strung out.

Leg of the dipole tied to a small bush. Looking North, left to right bumpy Currockbilly Mountain, Wirritin Ridge, Mt Roberts, Mt Owen, The Castle, Byangee Walls and the distinctive cone of Pigeon House mountain. All new VK2 summits, all unactivated so far...Most of these very hard walks...

For securing the other end I found an old milk crate. Put some rocks in it and tied the dipole leg to it. Wanted to avoid detuning by the fence.

Got on 40m. Started with S2S with Glenn, VK3YY and Peter VK3ZPF on VK3/VT-006. Worked regulars. Some other S2S with Peter VK3PF on VK3/VT-046, Andrew VK1NAM/3 on VK3/VC-009 Marshall VK3MRG on VK3/VT-010 and Andrew VK1DA on VK1/AC-040. 25 contacts on 40m. Tried 2m, no luck on 146.5 Mhz. Got on a repeater, possibly VK2RHR and worked Graeme VK2FPQ in Bundanoon direct. Marginal signal, had to move about to get a path, but made it, impressive distance with just the FT-60R, 5w and whip.

Packed up after lunch and headed down. Track log of walk

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